В статті досліджено важливість та особливості обрання банком маркетингової стратегії на прикладі банківської сфери України.

Ключові слова: маркетингова стратегія, банк, ринок.

 In this article the importance and features of electing bank marketing strategy is investigated on the example of the banking sector of Ukraine.

Key words: marketing strategy, bank, market.

Problem setting. Management of the bank at the present stage of market reforms in Ukraine requires finding innovative approaches and new attitudes. One is the implementation of marketing strategy, which allows you to respond quickly to market changes by developing and implementing specific measures for research and market development of alternative and flexible training solutions and achieve the ultimate goal of – to ensure a profitable and long-term functioning of the bank. Speed and adequacy of responses to changes in factors of environmental, making effective decisions depend on knowledge of the specific situation in the market, what is the source of market research. In other words, marketing information plays a role in the management of banks, forms required for modern management of information, which allows you to work out and make management decisions.

Therefore, the relevance of the research is determining the policies of banks of Ukraine and their impact on competitiveness.

Last scientific researches and publications analysis. The issue of selecting banking strategy was researched by different foreign and domestic scholars. Theoretical principles and aspects of banking policies and activities generally investigated by such scientists as D. Vladislav, J. Rubin, E. Porter, A. Kononenko.

Formulation of the article’s purpose. The purpose of this article is determination of the modern fundamentals of marketing strategy in the formation of banks of Ukraine.

The statement of basic material of research. Bank marketing is banking management system within the overall ideology of marketing. Based on the marketing concept we can formulate the main goal to be solved in the design and system of  running of automated  marketing. It stems from the need to analyze and maximize meet customer demand for banking products. Specificity of bank marketing consist of abstraction of the product, the nature of the contractual relationship and the length of time of use banking services. In fact, bank marketing – is not only sale of products and services, but also a philosophy and strategy that are impossible without preparation, in-depth understanding and analysis and intensive work of many branches, including both the board and the lower-level staff[2].

Marketing strategy is a selection of the best ways of achieving goals with the help of bank marketing. Like all other businesses, banks must determine their own development based on the specific goals they have set. The wording of the specific objectives of the bank is extremely important because it provides all the bank’s actions on the market to be a clear direction and makes all decisions on various aspects of the bank more efficient and consistent[3].

The content and purpose of marketing strategy is to establish long-term goals of the bank and the development of measures to achieve them. The main constituent elements of the marketing strategic plan can be considered to formulate mission of the bank; determine the prerequisites of the bank and assessment of marketing environment; prioritizing markets that have most significant effect on strategic decision-making; assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the bank, its opportunities and risks; adjustment strategies to a changing market environment; timing of policy actions; expected results of implementing the strategy[1].

The selection and implementation of the marketing strategy of the bank shall take into account certain requirements such as: compliance with the bank’s mission; coordination of resources and the circumstances of the bank; compatible with the plans of structural units; ensure the financial viability of the bank and its growth; ensure maximum dividends to shareholders and the maximum value of the bank’s securities on the stock market; ensure proper welfare of its workers[5].

Today, the banking market strategy is an essential element for the success of the bank.

Marketing strategy of development of the bank provides the following milestones:

  •  Economic analysis and reviews to identify trends in socio-economic development of the region, the countries of the world economy in general and financial markets in particular;
  • Identifying target markets in order to focus efforts on the needs of specific customer groups and gather information about target markets;
  • Identifying opportunities and resources of the bank;
  • The formation of the bank’s goals by matching features of the target market for each of the resources of the bank;
  • Development of marketing programs and strategies for each target market with the goals of the bank and resource constraints (marketing programs should include a definition of products for this market, methods of pricing policies, delivery systems (sales) and stimulation);
  • Development planning and budgeting implementation of marketing strategies;
  • Monitoring the position of the bank in the market, providing feedback and corresponding adjustment of marketing strategy.
  • Basic common mistakes when developing a marketing strategy: the laying of all work on the development of strategic marketing plan just for the marketing department; uncoordinated elements of the strategy being developed in different parts of the bank; insufficient or poor quality information[4].

Global features of bank’s marketing strategy is to influence the process of macroeconomic stabilization; identifying priority areas of action; help stabilize the national currency; infrastructure development of the monetary market; expansion of cooperation between Ukraine and international financial institutions; implementation of the national democratic doctrines, social and market reforms in Ukraine.

In Ukraine there is a clear division of banks on the strategy of “leader” and “follower”. To understand this it is necessary to explore some of the financial performance of banks, the services they offer and conduct a survey. It is important to realize that most leaders are providing the initial countdown in the banking sector, and that they determine what kind of strategy will choose the medium and small banks.

Conclusion. There are different strategies and form of using them but choosing the right strategy is an important factor, and its successful implementation allows the bank to acquire the status of “leader” to gain significant market share, a significant customer base and stable financial position. Today, the title of “leader” claimed many banks compiled various ratings that comprehensively assess the situation in the banking market, but all of them have a clear leader – Pryvatbak, which compete fairly easy, although such an attempt to observe the Oshchadbank, Delta Bank Raiffeisen Bank “Aval”.


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