В статті досліджено важливість та особливості обрання банком маркетингової стратегії на прикладі банківської сфери України, зокрема аналізу п’ятірки лідерів на цьому ринку для визначення тенденцій розвитку.

Ключові слова: банк, маркетингова стратегія.

 In this article the importance and features of electing bank marketing strategy is investigated on the example of the banking sector of Ukraine, including analysis of the top five banks on the market to determine trends of development.

Key words: bank, marketing strategy.

Problem setting. Today, the banking market of Ukraine functions 176, though about 50% of the market has five leaders, causing only competition between leaders, medium and small banks are forced to duplicate the strategy of leaders to maintain financial stability in the market.

Therefore, the relevance of the study is to determine the policies of banks of Ukraine and their impact on competitiveness.

Last scientific researches and publications analysis. The creation, development and expansion of banking technologies that meet the modern requirements of banking activities are devoted Ukrainian, Russian and foreign scientists and experts from banking. Proceedings A. M. Moroz, A.A. Peresady, A. V. Dzyublyuk, M. D. Oleksienko the theory and practice of banking F. Kotler, A. E. Utkin, J.H. Gerchikov, G.S .Panovoi.

Formulation of the article’s purpose. Analysis of marketing strategy of leading banks and the elements that form it.

The statement of basic material of research. Strategy of Commercial Bank – is adopted by its senior management set of directions and ways of life to achieve certain results in finance and credit, which have long-term social and economic consequences.

In Ukraine there is a clear division of banks on the strategy of “leader” and “follower”. To understand this it is necessary to explore some of the financial performance of banks, the services they offer and conduct a survey. It is important to realize that most leaders are asking the initial countdown in the banking sector, and that they determine what kind of strategy will choose the medium and small banks. For example, everyone knows that Pryvatbank began to develop Internet technologies, software cartridge for smartphones, tablets, and this made it possible to reach an audience aged 20-40 years who constantly use the network. Subsequently, all banks have adopted the strategy of “follower” and began to launch online banking.

Strategy as a marketing element provides a basic 5 elements (mentioned above), which is how the bank will be able to combine and implement these components depends on their position in the market. To begin with we shall understand these elements, compare bank products, advertising sites, the number of branches. After reviewing this information, we can identify strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways to improve it[1].

Trying to find weaknesses in the leading position in the market for banking services will help to make a recommendation to “followers” – medium and small banks. After some questioning, we can clearly understand why customers choose this bank.

The question is what is embedded in the concept of leadership. For the study was selected 5 banks who hold top positions in the ranking compiled by the National Bank of Ukraine in terms of assets (mln.). Consider that Pryvatbank occupies almost 22% of the banking market, followed by Oshchadtbank – almost 11%, and these banks are divided between 5% and 4%. We can conclude that the difference in performance is a clear indicator of the strategy of “leader” only one bank – Pryvatbank and “advancing a strategy” – the Oshchadtbank and all other banks can be attributed to “followers.”

The concept of banking products (banking or surgery) should be considered a different effect on the financial market, financial transactions carried out by commercial banks for a fee on behalf and for the benefit of its customers.

The most common banking services is the credit-deposit investment and defining the role of banks as financial intermediaries.

Since lending and investment operations are the most profitable for the bank, as a rule, they largely determine the level of banking risks.

Therefore, banks are required to maintain the optimal structure of their assets and in accordance with the economic situation, change it, or for loans or for investment.

In evaluating loan and investment portfolio of banks of Ukraine found that Pryvatbank holds a clear leadership role for five leaders of all the banks in the structure occupies 46.97% of them Pryvatbank – 20.13%. Only in the provision for debts of banks and funds raised from the issue of securities leads Savings Bank, apparently in order to attract investment. This also explains the specialization of banks and state-owned.

It is important to determine that all banks dominated lending to individuals, rather than legal, reflecting the nature of consumer credit Ukraine, rather than on economic development. Among corporate loans leading is Pryvatbank and Oshchadtbank, but among individuals Pryvatbank, Delta Bank and Raiffeisen Bank “Aval”.

One of the characteristics of trust in banking institutions are investing customer deposits. Analyzing the data, we observe that Pryvatbank is the most popular in both physical persons and legal entities in – explain this high level of confidence. Thus, the market deposit services bank takes individuals – 29.4%. This can be explained, first, favorable conditions and high interest rates are also a significant degree of confidence in the Pryvatbank. Quite a large proportion takes Oshchadtbank – 10.2%. Delta ranks – 7.1%, and in 2012 held only 3.6% – this can be explained by luring customers by offering high interest rates and a wide variety of deposit packets to recover after the crisis period.

Note that Pryvatbank, Savings Bank, Delta Bank ranks the top five in the ranking of the stability of banks where depositors evaluated loyalty, stability and ability to respond to risks.

The concept of price in the banking sector takes the form of the interest rate paid for the provision of certain services and charges. For comparison, we use deposit bags five leading banks, which include the possibility of quarterly interest payments (accrued at your own expense), replenishment, as well as commissions and conditions credit cards. Note, that banks now practice and short-term deposits, for example – Delta Bank – 14 days – as an additional rapid raise funds.

We have highlight and compare the most popular deposit bags leading banks in Ukraine and evaluated their effectiveness for clients.

So if you put a deposit on a 1000 UAH for a period of 3 months in each of the proposed bank, the largest monetary benefit – 44 UAH. get to Delta Bank, 43 USD. in Pryvatbank. In the case of Delta Bank, favorable interest rates can be explained by luring customers after bankruptcy risk during the crisis. In Pryvatbank – 43 UAH., Which is only 1 USD. less than the previous bank, and the Oshchadtbank and Raiffeisen Bank “Aval” – 37 UAH. Terms deposit packages confirming previous position of banks in Table 2.4. Except Delta Bank – this can be explained by ineffective advertising or disbelief to the bank.

One of the most popular banking products today are credit cards, because they allow the owner to use credit when buying different products and payment services. To some extent, define financial independence. Required monthly payment that comprise the current outstanding loans highest Raiffeisen Bank “” Aval “bank” and the highest commission services: withdrawals – 3% conversion services funds to the banks – 4%. The most beneficial credit card offers Delta Bank – a great time grace period, a low monthly fee. Oshchadtbank offers low commission payments compared to all banks. This explains the impact on the Bank’s profitability and market share in Ukraine.

Important role also takes commission – recovery from the customer a certain amount of money by using the services of the bank. Commission rates on the site of each of the selected banks only issue of accessibility – that is how fast the client can find the list and whether it is listed there. For example, the price list of some banks is not specified Commission for payment of utility services, currency exchange – buying and selling foreign currency in cash, because the commission for the sale of foreign currency was at NBU is the difference between the exchange rate and the exchange rate of the NBU.

Assessing commission rates, we determined that the pay utility bills favorably in Oshchadtbank, although most banks offer system utilities via the Internet or terminals, which reduces the commission. Delta Bank offers low rate of conversion to cash due from other banks, exchanges and any currency without commission payment – Pryvatbank.

Besides the choice of the customers affected banks and bank location, accessibility to services. Describing the location of the bank should consider the number of bank branches in each of the leaders in various cities of Ukraine as clearly evident direct and logical relationship: the more branches, the higher the demand for banking services[3].

As the number of branches (branches) leading Oshchadtbank- this can be explained by the fact that in the 80s the bank was part of the Oshchadtbankof the USSR, which had a considerable number of branches in Ukraine and reserved the right to dispose of them. Pryvatbank gaining momentum in saturation bank branches, terminals throughout the country, so we can say that place prevalence and play an important role in choosing the bank customer.

Advertising is one of the most complex and interesting basic elements of marketing. In Ukraine, the advertising is just beginning to develop, as banks begin to use a variety of alternative methods. Today we can see already familiar to all advertising on television, radio, transport, billboards. Quite new is advertising in social networks. In 2013 he was named the most popular Pryvatbank Bank in social networks –  Facebook, Twitter (after study “Prostobank Consulting), very high position in the ranking is the same Delta Bank and Raiffeisen Bank” Aval “.

We know that a website has become an essential element for a considerable customer base in Ukraine, as all banks are growing rapidly in this direction, because it is also a kind of promotional items. Comparing usability, information sites, the design, the client may prefer a particular bank. For example, the site Pryvatbank is a video demonstration of the incremental use of the online service and it is quite important, because payments online does not have to pay commission. As for sites Raiffeisen Bank “Aval” and Oshchadtbank, can observe a large amount of information, sometimes even overload of information that makes all the answers to questions. Thus, the list of payments for utilities, use of internet, television provides no information on the payment of commission inventions. Totally, these sites are characterized by simple design. Delta Bank can be noted as the most original website that immediately attracts; existing credit cards and deposits are original, pretty competitive, that we can conclude that the bank has a clear audience.

The last component of each bank policies that directly affect the performance – a bank employee: competence, tolerance, knowledge of foreign languages, dress code – that’s what makes a significant impression on customers and creates most of the bank’s image.

The appearance of the bank employees – is actually his face. Therefore, neatness, cleanliness, business style – it’s definitely the right choice, but for some reason in Ukraine rarely practiced universal form, although banks are developing corporate symbols, for example, Delta Bank inspectors developed a red vest, previously used a red handkerchief. Raiffeisen Bank “Aval” uses the same shirts and yellow kerchief. Almost all banks use such trifles – scarf, badges, pins, vests, ties, scarves. Overall, this creates a positive impression of the bank. The main rules of the dress code of each bank consists of – white shirt, and dark colors suits for men, for women – appropriate length skirts, light makeup.

Regarding the education of staff banks, online banks, and the other (http://www.banki.ua/), different customers leave reviews, but, unfortunately, a large number of them are negative. But it is unacceptable for leading banks. This means that banks should immediately pay attention to it, you need to train staff to motivate them.


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