The ways to achieve skillful speech as a guarantee to the positive influence of media on today’s youth culture of communication

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The article analyzes how to achieve leading skillful speech and positive and negative influences of media on today’s youth culture of communication.

Key words: speech culture, the influence of the media, acting, standards of Ukrainian language.

Today, the topic of media speech is extremely important. Many people believe that the media have the greatest impact on today’s youth communication.

On the current state of Ukrainian aptly L. Kostenko said: «It – it’s also the face of the people, it is heavily distorted». And the acting spelling and vocabulary that we use – this is the Soviet version of the Ukrainian language, with only cosmetic editorial [8, p. 8].

The culture of speech – is mastery of words, the ability to accurately available, emotionally, vividly express their views, as all teaching plans, goals and objectives are realized in the pedagogical interaction – communicating with students.

The basic requirements for professional broadcasting:

– correctness that is consistent literary norms in force in the language system;

– consistency that provides a deep understanding of the topic and the main statements of opinion; versatile and full of the topic, avoiding unnecessary;

– sequence logic opinion;

– wealth that involves the use of means of expression within the appropriate style (using words in a figurative sense, aphorisms, comparisons, metaphors, diversify the grammatical structure of sentences, the use of separate, homogeneous members, inserted words, traffic, stylistic figures and others.);

– accuracy, which largely depends on the depth of knowledge and erudition of the individual, as well as the active vocabulary.

To raise the level of speech culture we should:

– respect the language in which we communicate, and the people with whom we communicate;

– a lot of reading – works of different styles of individual artists artistic style;

– try using virtually several languages ​​well to master the rules of each of them, to understand their specificity, to prevent mixing of linguistic phenomena, manifestations correct interference;

– regardless of the scope of its activities to monitor the changes in the rules that are fixed in new editions of dictionaries, spelling books and etc;

– critically and creatively apply to written and spoken words, comparing it with established norms and practices recognized standard;

– do not get involved in «fashionable» trends that are inherent in a book, some authors or social or professional groups of people.

Oral word in television and radio or on stage is a powerful force of influence on the consciousness and contributing to the prestige language. Therefore, workers in this sector (journalists, TV presenters, actors, etc) should be aware of moral responsibility for a powerful influence on the formation of linguistic personality, the upbringing of the younger generation.

Many broadcasters are acting almost unconsciously produced – it comes to personal style of driving response and conversation. This, of course, involves some acting skills. But tragically, if the person driving substituted completely constructed, contrived way. TV hosts no need to create images, do not believe in circumstances invented by the author suggested, because they are dictated by his work life. That is, there are several positions on the issue and both inexhaustible. First of all, it depends on the nature and character of the leader. On the other hand, the TV presenter is acting skills required, as well as technical, stage speech [5].

In my opinion, each broadcaster must necessarily be an artist, but the main thing is to remember about the different roles played by the actor on stage and TV screen. If the actor is trying to catch all the strings of your innermost soul, he will hear your laughter or see tears on the face of the viewer, TV presenter should be extremely careful using his artistic talent. This should be done with a jeweler’s skill – carefully, subtly and delicately. His role is to play flawlessly presenter, or better yet – do not play, and empathize with the heroes of their programs.

Broadcasters should not transfer their bad mood people for slave mentality of our people cannot tolerate aggression. Some channels in Ukrainian TV space began to cultivate aggression as a method provocative journalism. But this method is more inherent in American journalism. Face channels – important and influential people, because they determine the perception of TV viewers. The television audience trusts is leading, not a television channel entirely [9].

In order to have a Ukrainian literary language, culture and technology improve speech and leading journalists should consciously renounce the use of surzhyk even in everyday speech, often look in the dictionary to improve his articulation, diction, and learn to work with the microphone.

The desire purity of speech, its clarity and understandability should be one of the priorities of professional training of journalists. It is unfortunate that some forget about it on the television, because every irrelevance, including language, has a negative influence on the culture of today’s youth communication.

The high level of language culture – is an essential feature of modern man, should not make mistakes in pronunciation, in the use of forms of words, in the construction of sentences, but this is difficult to achieve in the current situation where the media that have a significant impact on the culture of speech society, so far from the norm.

The culture speech of media professionals is an essential component of their professionalism. Undoubtedly, however complete from a literary point of view was not leading broadcast, it will remain colorless, gray and indistinct someone who does not have a microphone in front of the appropriate level of speech culture.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that most shows aimed at young viewers, in particular young people. Very often, teenagers, watching TV, are trying to learn something new and interesting for themselves. They remember the information they see and hear. Children cannot even guess that the speech of some leaders may be errors or deviations on some literary norms of modern Ukrainian literary language.

Modern Ukrainian TV channels must follow the norms of the Ukrainian language and their possible changes. Since we know that the journalists – are a «fourth power», then surely saying correctly, they can positively influence the speech of modern youth culture [6, p. 43].

Training system needs improvement television journalists – is a verdict modern broadcasting. Training courses focused on practical mastery of language culture, including orthoepy, technique of speech, oratory, must take the forefront in the preparation of the «stars of the screen». Permanent work on themselves, improve articulation base, diction, for a clear and distinct pronunciation of sounds, syllables, words, develop a clear tone – another step to improve speech.

Speaking of driving is a dynamic process that is constantly changing and qualitative transformation. From this perspective, there is a need for deep and careful research is the permanent variability leading broadcasting. This is not to forget that the presenter – is a business card of the entire editorial or channel. Thus, the broadcasting of driving should serve as a model for all others, first edition of artists and ordinary viewers [2, p. 69].

In order to eliminate the most common errors in speech leading, significant improvement in quality of broadcast journalism efforts alone may be enough linguists. This requires above all desire the employee to be professionals. One of the factors is the leading professional language proficiency. And do not forget about the competition, which has long been spread in a journalistic environment. Each presenter, journalist is trying to work as much as possible, in all have their own style. This also applies to broadcasting.

In order to enjoy their unique style of broadcasting and that broadcasting was literate, you must engage in self-education. Another way of improving the quality of speech does not exist. The hosts have to realize it. Therefore, managers of creative groups, experienced journalists should inculcate beginners need daily care for the improvement of its broadcast.

One of the problems leading broadcasting is bilingualism, which significantly affects the broadcasting of modern youth. Of course, the presenter should avoid using Russian words during his speech. Only when driving loses their mistakes and most importantly – using Russian words – it helps to achieve perfect speech of today’s youth.

If journalists and presenters will follow all the mentioned rules and follow them, the level of Ukrainian television will be very high. Then, I am sure, will grow and broadcast not only today’s youth, but also the general public.

So, to leading broadcast journalist had a positive impact on today’s youth culture of communication, it is important they understand the need always to take care of their own speech process. Even if there is still such a show where we see a significantly low level of speech culture, should not fall under their influence, as each step in this direction means the distance the speaker from the purity of speech.


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