Podcasting as an Interactive Method of Teaching Medical English

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Shan Maryana (Lviv, Ukraine) (Danylo Halytskyy Lviv National Medical University)


Тези присвячено висвітленню інтерактивних методів навчання професійної англійської для медиків

Ключові слова: інтерактивні методи, медична англійська, комунікація, соціально-культурні чинники.

Тезисы посвящены освещению интерактивных методов обучения профессиональной английской для медиков.

Ключевые слова: интерактивные методы, медицинский английский, коммуникация, социально-культурные факторы.

The abstract deplicts the interective methords of teaching Medical English.

Keywords: iteractivemethod, teachingof medical English, communication, sosial and cultural skills.

Modern classes that we have at higher educational establishments, especially if it is referred to classes of foreign languages, require introduction of new methods during explanation of material and operating it with the students. There are two main challenges every teacher faces: 1. “a gap” of theory introduction into daily life – nowadays University alumni have to catch up with actual demands of international job market: “Modern conception of higher education consists in transition to competency-based learning which aims at improving communicational and socio-cultural skills, as well as students’ involvement into realities of foreign culture, including abilities of selection and information analysis, data search and proper usage of Internet resources, communication via new technological devices etc.” [2]. And the subject of our research plays a key role in this methodological challenge: “Podcasting gives educators an opportunity to bridge the traditional classroom setting with progressive state-of-the-art technologies” [3]. 2. lack of continuous process of language practice, frequent absence of native speakers surrounding. Our working platform – a University should not be regarded as the place of services, but a powerful tool of self-improvement and academic cooperation. In this case teachers become providers not only of good command of foreign languages, but also of excellent communicational skills and abilities to be competitive at either academic space or current job market. Thus means that educators also should bring bridges between theoretical and revision part of University curriculum and practical and result-oriented side of daily language usage. The purpose of our article is to present interactive ways of teaching English for specific purposes, with special emphasize on medical English, and to trace the changes that podcast usage brings into environment of medical students. Mobility is the major factor in modern educational approaches. In conditions of time-consuming society and increasing necessity of language comprehension such technology as podcasting can be described as “ideal for your pocket” – it totally wins in question quality and price, as many high quality podcasts are often free for downloading and listening: “Podcasting at a stationary computer will work for most classroom applications, including student assignments, language labs, and distance-learning lectures” [3]. What makes it different is that podcasting is one of brand new and exciting means for students that helps them to perform a more active role in their own learning experience with additional benefits: ease of use and effectiveness as a communication tool. Unfortunately communicational direction could not be covered only by use of textbook and its assigments, meanwhile podcast use has bilingual application – repetitive and supplemental, including additional processing of text (lexical and grammatical) and acquaintance of natural flowing speech [1]. The above-mentioned benefits are enriched by diversity, presented by podcasts, which additionally reveals in showing variety of self-expression in English, communication tips and netiquette manners. Being a source of language cliches a podcast introduction into language learning process has shown positive results in improvement of interpreting skills, development of linguistic world-view, ability to adapt to pecularities of individual pronounciation, access to effective distant learning monitored by the teacher. The advantages of using podcasts in teaching English to medical students are justified by the following factors: – increasing motivation for language learning; – necessity to be involved into real life situations – showing interactions between medical personnel, relations between physicians and patients; – multi-level authentic material that presents variety of English language (podcasters’ intonations, dialects, individual sense of humour, manner of speech, grammar constructions); – opportunity to connect with foreign experience – to accept and exchange knowledge, skills, achievements and innovative methods in professional sphere. With mobile devices being available to any student it is easy to control types and amount of podcast information for students in order not to provoke “cognitive overload” mentioned in R.E.Mayer’s cognitive theory of multimedia education [4]. Such “portable lectures” give students opportunity to get acquainted with problems of their foreign colleagues, innovations and solutions in medicine and its branches, to learn terminological units and professional phrases, thus enriching one’s cognitive and verbal lexicon. The most popular and useful podcasts recommended for medical students and professionals: NEJM This Week, Annals of Internal Medicine Podcast, MedPod101.com podcast, Listen to the Lancet, MUSC Neurological Health Podcast, OR-live, Surgery ICU Rounds Podcast, Survey of Pharmacology, UTHSC Internal Medicine Residency Podcast, Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms, Surgery 101 [6]. The assignments based on podcast activities that require students to generate, edit and discuss podcasts reinforce critical communication skills such as writing a script, critical thinking, pronounciation drilling and its results could be presented either online or in a classroom. Because of evolving character of classroom environment modern teachers face perpetual need for adapting to changes in student learning needs and variety of available technology. We should admit that although there is no substitute for personal interaction between the student and educator, new technological tools can facilitate and enhance the learning processes. According to the data of Tom Webster’s report: “an estimated 70 million Americans have watched or listened to a podcast” [5]. Integration of podcasts into educational process shows benefits also for language teachers: The introduction of podcasts into the language learning process definitely means professional development and creativity for educators, language trainers and teachers: it gives precious opportunity to follow curriculum, but also to match with current educational and social processes, as well as deepen knowledge in your students’ specialization and their future career. Almost any podcast can be adapted to the students’ learning needs, being accessible whenever and as often as students would like. It should be admitted that maintaining students’ private time may be difficult that is why it is reasonable to modify podcasting strategies in order to fit specific situations. The key role of podcasts consists in performing as interactive tool, presenting ability to teach (and educate) not only in the classroom, but also online, adding more active character to your classes which in turn means active educational minds and creative thinking abilities Taking into account educational advantages of podcasting, we are firmly concerned about its academical potential and future integration into methodological system of Ukrainian education. Different researches have shown its positive contribution into highly effective language learner’s formula by providing maximum input, sufficient repetition of vocabulary set, originality and creativity to support learning process. Literature: 1. Балтіна О.Б. Подкасти як засіб вивчення та викладання англійської мови. [Електронний ресурс] / О. Б. Балтіна. – Режим доступу: http://ea.donntu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/12416 2. Бецько О.С. Дидактичні та методичні засади інтеграції подкастів в процес навчання іноземної мови у вищій школі. [Електронний ресурс]/ О. С. Бецько. – Режим доступу: httpHYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074”://HYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074″confespHYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074”.HYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074″flHYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074”.HYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074″kpiHYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074”.HYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074″uaHYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074″/HYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074″nodeHYPERLINK “http://confesp.fl.kpi.ua/node/1074″/1074 3. Jamie S. Foster, Jennifer Larmore, Stephanie A. Havemann. The Basics of Educational Podcasting: Enhancing the Student Learning Experience [Електронний ресурс]. – Режим доступу: https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/mb004 4. Mayer R.E. Applying the science of learning: Evidence-based principles for the design of multimedia instruction // American Psychologist. – 63(8). – 2008. – P. 760-769. 5. Webster T. The Current State of Podcasting [Електронний ресурс]. – Режим доступу:http://www.edisonresearch.com/2010%20Edison%20Podcast%20Study%20Data%20Graphs%20Only.pdf Ves Dimov. Top 5 Medical Podcasts I Listen To [Електронний ресурс]. – Режим доступу: http://casesblog.blogspot.com/2006/08/top-5-medical-podcasts-i-listen-to.html

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